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Wanderlust Inspiration: Glimpses of Dusseldorf, Germany

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As Wander Onwards continues to develop and grow, I want to start branching out of simply telling you why you should go to all of these fantastic place and start showing you why. ย I am an extremely visual person andย often get so inspired by photos, that I plan entire trips aroundย taking my own photo at the exact same location. ย Share with me your own photo renditions of Dusseldorf by tagging me on Instagram @wanderonwards or simply by commenting below.

(diving to Dover)
photo may 21, 8 56 20 pm

(taking the ferry to France)ย 

Photo May 21, 5 07 14 PM

(welcome to France)

Photo May 21, 7 22 18 PM
(traditional German food… for me, my German friend can’t stand German food)
Photo May 23, 11 52 34 AM
(looking over the Rhine)
(Happy Memorial Day!)
Photo May 22, 2 22 19 PM

(The Gehry Buildings of Dusseldorf Harbor)

Photo May 23, 2 01 23 PM

(traditional black forest cake)

Photo May 22, 12 59 02 PM

(Media Bay)

Photo May 23, 12 50 18 PM

(German biker party)

Photo May 23, 4 10 16 PM

(abandoned coal mining warehouse from WWII)

Photo May 22, 8 30 16 PM

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