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Wander Onwards To bvilla Bali!

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There’s nothing more valuable than personal space.  Even though I usually travel alone, I’m constantly jumping from planes to buses to boats to cars, so I rarely have an opportunity to decompress and relax in one space.  bvilla Bali was my answer to that problem.

Sometimes I can be difficult.  A travel blogger with a “diva” issue?  Original, I know.

I often make ridiculous requests like, “can I get my clothing washed… in 6 hours?” Or, “Can you open this private area for me so I can take a picture?”

But in my defense, it’s normally because I only have a few hours until my next flight or bus.  Not only did the staff at bvilla greet me by name, every time I saw them, they went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure I was picked up and dropped off to random parts of the island.

One of our resort divers spent 3 hours roaming around South Kuta, trying to find our next hotel location.  Details are to come later, but here’s a hint; it’s a horror story for the books.

But back to bvilla Bali.  We stayed at the beach-side, 1 bedroom villa where we were given our own pool, villa, and outdoor living-room.  I was traveling with my content creation guru and personal friend, Sylvia, who provided some much-needed photography support.

In the mornings we were greeted by two friendly staff members who prepared a SMORGASBORD of delicious treats in our private villa kitchen.

Because the villa was completely surrounded by gorgeous stone, we were able to decompress within the privacy of our own space.  There was no risk of getting robbed if we fell asleep in the sun, we didn’t feel uncomfortable in our swimsuits, and we could talk candidly about the world in our own private oasis. It was truly an exceptional experience.

The villas are best for families and couples.  While lonely travelers could easily find comfort in this space, it would be a SHAME not to enjoy bvilla Bali with someone else.

But enough chatter. Let me show you exactly what you missed out on.



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