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Wander Onwards To BadLadz Resort In Puerto Galera, PI

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It’s no secret that the Philippines is my favorite country in Asia. The richness in undamaged environment and natural friendliness of the local people is unprecedented; it’s a great “China break” for my readers trapped in the smog-filled cities of China during Chinese New Years! I first came to the Philippines in February 2015, but after my experience in Puerta Galera, I’m confident that I will buy a house in the Philippines at some point.

BadLadz Beach and Diving Resort is true to its name. The owner, Sean, and I exchanged multiple stories about our experiences as expats abroad and his trumped mine in every single way. And lets face it, I love putting myself in danger regularly. Ask him about his adventures with underwater treasure hunting. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



It’s a bit of a trek to get to Puerta Galera, but its natural remoteness makes it that much more worth the journey. I took a cab, to a bus, to a boat, to a tricycle to finally get to the gorgeous seaside resort.

I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and my contact Anna with warm smiles and genuine interest in my well-being. After eating my weight in Mexican food (score), I immediately jumped into my scuba diving course without hesitation. I couldn’t fly 18 hours after diving so I needed to pack my PADI certification course into three days. Nice job Vanessa.


The next three days were a blur of underwater adventures. My instructor was incredibly patient with me, even though I kicked him multiple times when I started panicking underwater when I took off my mask. (Sorry, again) I was able to see giant clams, sea horses, and even a turtle while I was diving as well! Scuba diving was definitely a challenge for me because I’m actually afraid of the ocean, but I choose to pursue my PADI license to conquer this fear head on.


I can’t say enough positive things about the staff at BadLadz!! A few of the staff members also took me out to Sabang for a facial and peak into the nightlife… and I was not disappointed. First of all, I love facials more than most humans. With a former career in beauty and cosmetic health, I’ve had facials all over the world and this was one of the best ones I’ve ever experienced! Secondly, Sabang is a CRAZY party hub and you will NOT leave without some sort of crazy story… I promise.

I have a strict policy about writing concise posts, which is frustrating at the moment because I cannot stop RAVING about the people and quality of service at BadLadz. It’s a safe, clean environment for solo female travelers like myself and be sure to let them know that Vanessa from Wander Onwards sent you!

Here’s a little promo I’ve put together so you can see inside BadLadz Beach Resort for yourself!



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  • Carissa

    That looks like such a charming place. I was actually in the philippines the same time as you were doing some diving! But I was at Moalboal in Cebu, which is extremely popular for diving and has that small town life. I also really recommend Davao, it was so beautiful and one of the cleanest cities in the philippines that I’ve been to. I can go on and on haha. I go to the philippines often with my family because I’m half filipino. Anyway, good luck on your travels 🙂

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