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Travel Hack: My Wandering Beauty Routine

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People have been inquiring how I can take such high quality photos on the go and here’s my secret: Make-up.  Shocker right?  But there is some prep work that goes into my beauty routine to battle breakouts and other skin imperfections BEFORE they happen.  Traveling constantly really does a number on my skin because of all the drinking, eating, hiking, swimming, sun exposure, etc etc… so how can I look like a model in the middle of a small village in China with the least amount of effort possible?  First, you need an awesome camera.  Second, you need to have an awesome foundation pallet.

Here’s my weapon of choice: bareMinerals READY To Go Complexion Perfection Palette

Item # 1551126 Color: R310- Medium Tan (Tan cool skin tones) Price: $49.00


What it does: 
This kit of complexion essentials is powered by bareMinerals’ proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex to deliver antiaging benefits for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin—all with an innovative solid mineral technology. 





This set contains: 
–  Foundation SPF 20  – Touch Up Veil SPF 15  – Bronzer  – Luminizer  – Correcting Concealer SPF 20 – Mini Precision Face Brush  – Mini Tapered Face Brush – Makeup Clutch


Asia can be incredibly humid OR insanely cold so I need something that can handle both spectrums, while keeping my skin protected, free of blemishes, and properly hydrated.  The bareMinerals READY line has SPF already incorporated in their products AND the SPF won’t make your skin oily like most moisturizers with SPF.  The powders actually slowly melt into your pores as the day goes on so you’ll receive flawless coverage without the same weight as heavy liquid foundations, but mineral make-up still doesn’t clog your pores while you’re on the go!  I’m assuming because of some type of sorcery.


This set doesn’t offer intense coverage for people with acne issues.  While it will help prevent future breakouts, if you’re eating poorly (which is normal for vacations) or have issues with cystic acne, bareMinerals won’t be able to cover up everything completely.


Use the concealer to hide blemishes or spots. I use my fingers because I’m lazy, but a brush is recommended.  Next, contour your cheeks by using the angled brush.  Dip the contouring brush into the bronzer, place the brush under the apples of your cheek bones and swipe upwards to the edges of your eye-brows.  Don’t worry if it’s too dark because we’re going to blend in a second.  Feel free to apply the bronzer to the edges of your face that kiss the sunlight; such as your temples, jawline, and nose. You can also contour the edges of your boobs to make them look bigger… but that’s another blog post entirely.

Next, rub off the bronzer on the contouring brush on a napkin/something dry and then dip it into the luminizer.  Put the brush on the apples of your cheeks and move upwards, towards the ends of your eyebrows.  The luminizer should be parallel to your bronzer. Next, take the soft round brush and dip it into the Touch Up Veil.  Brush the veil over the areas get oily and use it to blend the luminizer and bronzer together.  I like to contour my cheeks more dramatically so I add one more light swoop under my cheek bones for drama.

Because everyone loves a little drama in their life.

Well there you go.  Every thing you need in one little package to keep your skin looking fresh, well-maintained, and natural.  Fake it till you make it Darlings.

  • Aaaaaaand what awesome camera do you have?

    • Vanessa Elizabeth

      Panasonic Lumix!!

  • I like how compact this is but it does look a bit small. How long does this palette usually last you?

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