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Travel Hack: Detoxing With Bon Juice

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I take pride in my ability to eat everything in the world while I’m on vacation; and then some more.  Traveling is about indulging.  Paleo goes out the window as quickly as my inhibitions and then suddenly, I’ve drunk as many calories as I’ve eaten in a few short days.  But after a few weeks of abuse, it becomes clear that I desperately needed to hit the “RESET” button on my diet and nutrition plan.

Sometimes you just need to start over.

Juicing is a great way to clear your system! I was introduced to Bon Juice at a posh launch party in June when my company decided to sponsor their event in Beijing.  I was able to mingle with their staff, sample their product, and eat an absurd amount of delicious desserts and sandwiches that were provided by other companies.

Damn it Bon Juice! Why must you roll with such delicious partners?


So I decided that I would take their product for a test drive and use their 3-day detox as a starting point for my re-birth… into Paleo once again.

I started Tuesday morning because the Bon-Juice juicing team has Sunday off and juices all Monday.  They deliver you juice set straight to your door in a special styrofoam freezer box with ice packets so your juices won’t spoil while they wait anxiously for your return home.  On the first day of your detox cleanse, you’ll also receive a FREE Bon Juice freezer tote that’s lined with a material that keeps your juices cold all day (with the ice packets)!

The detox is nearly impossible to mess up.  The Bon Juice team does a FABULOUS job when it comes to simplicity and design so each bottle is individually labeled with a number (1-6) and specific time that you’re suppose to consume the beverage.  There is a hour-long consumption window and you’re suppose to consume a new bottle every 2 hours.

Here’s a preview of the 6 juices.  Unfortunately, there is no English version available on their website yet so I’ll translate a tad for you guys. (FYI: The first number listed is the calorie content).

01: Sweet Mornings: Apple, Carrot, Ginger, Lemon, Chia Seeds
SweetMorning*if you aren’t doing a Detox, Sweet Mornings are great for reducing post-work inflammation!

02: Green Glories: Cucumber, Pear, Kale, Mint, Spirulina 

03: Fountain Of Youth: Beets, Red Cabbage, Tomato, Grape, Hemp Seeds


04: Citrus Delight: Orange, Lemon, Kiwi, Cayenne Pepper

05: Protein Love: Almond, Cashew, Walnut, Jujube


06: Green Glories: Cucumber, Pear, Kale, Mint, Spirulina

If you didn’t notice already, the whole day of juices only adds up to 1,000 calories.  Rut Roh.  I normally scarf down 2,000 – 3,000 calories a day to keep up with all the activity I’m normally engaged in throughout the day.  If I’m not at CrossFit, I’m at yoga.  If I’m not at CrossFit or yoga, I’m cycling around Beijing to get to CrossFit or yoga.  If I’m not cycling or doing CrossFit or yoga… there’s a good chance I’m dead. Or I’m sleeping.  But I don’t do much of that anymore, so dead is probably a safer bet.

Here’s the final result of my 3-day cleanse!


Notice: If you are an athlete, you should be aware of the risks of juicing and its inevitable impact on your training.  Any high-intensity fitness training such as: CrossFit, cycling, circuit training, cross-country, Olympic lifting, power yoga, (etc etc) should be avoided for that week.

Juicing should not be used as a frequent or long-term method for weight loss. 

I love combining fresh-pressed juices with my normal dietary habits because it’s an easy way to consume large quantities of nutrients in a short amount of time.  Each Bon Juice bottle contains nearly 2 kilos of fresh vegetables and fruits.  Normally, I consume about a kilo of fresh vegetables and that leaves me full all daylong.  There’s no feasible way I could eat 2 kilos of veggies, let alone, 12 kilos a day!  While the fiber is gone, the nutrients consumed while juicing will boost your immunity defenses because the enzymes and minerals are still intact.

For my body, juicing is a lot like intermittent fasting. I’m not full at any point in the day, but I’m also not dying of hunger either.  I like to juice if I’ve been feeling “uncomfortable” and experiencing unexplained digestion issues; which is often a problem in China.

The Bon Juice is on the sweeter side of the juicing spectrum so this line is perfect if you’re not that keen on strictly drinking veggies.  However, each juice does contain an appropriate amount of fruit AND veggies so you won’t just be drinking loads of sugar all day.

If you want to find out more about their company, check out:!  If you can’t read Chinese, feel free to email

When you get your new Bon Juice tote and juices, tag me on Instagram @wanderonwards to show me how you juice in a modern world.  I’ll repost the most creative ideas! Follow Bon Juice on Instagram @bonjuice to checkout what events they’re sponsoring and what new products they’re developing!

  • I was talking to my friend the other day…his family is pops is Chinese off the boat. They do these Salt Water cleanses for a day and then follow it up with Juice cleansing for a week.

    Just curious if you know anything about Salt Water cleansing in comparison to juice cleansing.

  • Shanthuru

    I am starting a organic juice company in Brussels, Belgium. I am coming to Beijing the first week of August. Would it be cool if you can introduce me to them. +32492570702 I know giving my number on blog is not the best idea. But come what may. I hope u can reach out back to me. And yes I and my girlfriend live reading your blog.

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