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Travel Hack: Be Jewel Toned

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Nothing kills my mood faster than a good old-fashion fat day; especially when I’m traveling. When I’m carefully packing, I just don’t have space to bring along 5 day outfits, 5 night outfits, 10 CrossFit ensembles, AND a few pieces to hide insecurities in case my body decides to randomly betray me.

Packing for the long road ahead is all about functionality and range. Can I wear this at a kungfu class AND a posh dinner party?…. how posh are we talking? Is there anyone cute to impress?

How cute we talking?


And that’s where Jewel Toned comes in. I met the owner of Jewel Toned on a plane over a year ago. Her cellphone ringtone was the same as the Taipei Airport announcement ding and she was super into healthy eating so I knew we’d be best friends almost immediately. Turns out that she was the owner of a clothing line that focuses on something I feel extremely passionate about: confidence.

Jewel Toned is a new generation of shapewear. Founded by Rachael McCrary, a lingerie expert with 20 years of experience, we’re changing the shapewear game. We are passionate about taking the shame out of shapewear (no more sneaking it off when a date goes better than expected), and helping women feel comfortable and confident at any size.

So she shipped me a collection of pieces and asked me to test them in my natural environment: challenge accepted.

My favorite Jewel Toned piece is the Major Mini Dress! It doesn’t pinch or prevent my natural breathing patterns like other brands; which I appreciate. It also doesn’t look like my grandmother would wear it (sorry, not sorry); but rather, it blends into my closet like a normal day piece. In the past, shapewear brands have really focused on “fixing” a woman’s imperfections, but in this case, Jewel Toned simply levels what my Mama gave me. The Major Mini also doesn’t have any major wires or noticeable threading so it hides perfectly under any sleek number. I’ve also worn the dress out to party because it looks like a normal mini-dress that just happens to make my abs look amazing.

I woke up like this… but the dress helped a little.

I was also fortunate enough to receive a pair of Street Smart Bike Shorts, which all the time because I cycle 24/7 in Beijing! I believe pants are anti-freedom so the shorts are a perfect way to keep “my business” my business without fear. The simplistic design makes it compatible with most of my dresses too! They also look pretty fashion-forward under a pair of shorts or a sexy skirt. Or just by themselves; whatever you’re in to.


Jewel Toned was also generous enough to send me a pair of their super soft panties: The Perfect Hipster. They have become my permanent replacement for pants/shorts at home (sorry Holly!) because they’re incredibly soft and easy to move in. They nearly disappear under most fabric as well so you don’t have worry about panty lines.

Love Jewel Toned? ME TOO! Tag @wanderonwards @jeweltoned on Instagram to show us your new pieces and how you choose to take the shame out of shapewear! Follow us on Twitter: @wanderonwards @jeweltoned. And like Jewel Toned’s Facebook for relevant updates on products and promotions.

  • CaraS

    That dress looks incredible! It would be perfect for the trip I’m taking next month. Thanks so much!

  • Natalie Newman

    This post is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing with us – the details you give about each product and the humor with which you talk about them is wonderful.

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