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Things To Do During A Layover In Singapore

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What CAN’T you do during a layover in Singapore? Arguably the most INCREDIBLE layover site on earth, Singapore offers a wide variety of things to do during a layover or intentional visit.  However, everything is HELLA expensive in Singapore and the longer you stay in this glorious city, the lower the number in your bank account will appear.  Trust me.

Plus there’s a “sin tax” on booze and anything fun so you’ll end up paying nearly DOUBLE for booze due to the tax plus any markup made by the store/bar.  Welcome to hell laddies.

1. Stay in the airport

The Singapore Changi Airport LITERALLY has anything you can imagine.  Feeling like watching a blockbuster? Head over to Terminal 2 or 3.  Want to chase butterflies and explore your “inner child,” look no further than Terminal 3! There’s even a roof top pool! I certainly didn’t stay long-enough…


2. Check out the local architecture

If you’re not following me on Instagram, you’re missing out.  I tend to post WAAAYYY more pictures of my adventures on Insta, but more importantly, my most recent uploads look nearly ALIEN.  Be sure to head to the Marine Bay for some breathtaking photos, checkout the “Gardens by the Bay” solar-powered trees at night, and be sure to witness an amazing water and light show just in front of the ArtScience Museum!

3. Sample local food at the Maxwell Road. 

After getting use to the idea of blowing $15-$20 USD on a SINGLE adult beverage, we got pretty comfortable with the idea of eating cheap local food to balance out the cost of a night out.  We headed over to Maxwell Road with $10 USD each and DID WORK!  The outdoor food vendors in Singapore are subjected to certain health and safety standards so you’re in safe hands while dining locally.  Don’t be shy with sampling either!  We got a CRAZY amount of different food… plus smoothies.  I don’t know why.  They just looked delicious.

4. Head to the Singapore Zoo

ZOMG I’m such a kid when I’m surrounded by animals.  It was definitely one of the highlights and potentially THE best zoo I’ve ever seen in the history of my life… which is basically 23 years, but who’s counting? Be sure to take public transportation since the zoo is a bit of a ways off, but it’s WELL worth the journey.  There’s also the “River Safari” that’s a separate portion, but still well-worth the fee considering they have the PANDAS there.

Locals Note: Go to the “River Safari” towards the end of your day as that’s when the unexpected Singapore showers are more likely to hit and the Safari has a covering since it’s so new!


5. Have a drink at an outdoor bar. 

For those who have to endure the seasons, the privilege of having an ice cold whiskey with a cool summer breeze only comes around once a year.  In January, Singapore isn’t a covered in a “historic amount of snow” over and over again so you’re able to relax and stay comfortable in shorts and a tank top nearly all year round.

Unless it’s raining.  Which is does a lot.

 6. Go to the Hotel Marina Bay Sands

… And potentially break into their legendary infinity pool.  It was a long-standing tradition for seasoned travelers to swim in the Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool but now they’ve closed it off to just guests… because life is full of disappointments and then you die. If you want to see an INSANE view of the city, look no further than the Ku De Ta Restaurant and Bar. With THE premiere view of the Bay and city skyline, it naturally attracts both super interesting and super obnoxious people in one convenient location.

Locals Note: Arrive just before 9pm to gain free access!… especially since you’re going to be paying $20-25 USD a drink once you’re inside.

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