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Seeing Scotland’s Highlands on the Back of a Motorcycle

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As an avid connoisseur of dangerous activities, I decided to join 3 Germans on a once in a lifetime motorcycle trip through Scotland’s Highlands. Recently, my boyfriend and I have adopted an adorable (and potentially life threatening) hobby of ‘couples motorcycling’ as a way to spend time together away the evils of electronics and social media.

Because you can’t be on Facebook if you’re too busy popping wheelies.

Because I don’t have my motorcycle license yet (but I fully intend on getting it by 2017), I was on the back of a motorcycle for the entire trip. I would 100% recommend you having your own motorcycle if  you ever plan on seeing Scotland’s Highlands. We planned our 2 week tour with the help of Lonely Planet Scotland’s Highlands. Since Scotland is such a rainy country, we decided to play much of the trip by ear and book hotels/inns based on how we were feeling or what we wanted to see next. To do this, we used to book places the day or night of, which allowed us to go where ever the wind took us.  We drove a BMW F800GS and I spend anywhere from 8-10 hours on the back of the bike, every single day.  It was the last 3 years of squatting that truly saved my bum from this experience.

We ended up using Fort William as our home base and took day trips via ferries and various long curvy roads. The winner, by a mile, was Applecross because of its lush green environment and general difficulty to reach.  Sometimes we would go hours without seeing anyone else-unless you count herds of sheep and cows. Applecross also had one of the most spectacular pubs that I’ve ever been too with the best fish and chips you can find this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  In the next few weeks, I’ll be updating more on the specifics of the trip, but here’s a few snap shots to hold you over.  Seeing Scotland’s Highlands on the back of a motorcycle was potentially the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to show you all the GoPro footage!




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