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My Broke Kitchen: Sweet Paleo Mango Salsa

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I miss proper Mexican food more than I miss most people.  Sure we have Mexican restaurants in Beijing, but few remind me of California (aka Little Mexico) and only one has proper chorizo.  Someone needs to fly me chorizo… like tomorrow.  So of course, I was forced to make my own; and for cheap.  Store the salsa in a glass mason jar or something rustic to gain points with your friends and likes on the The Instagram.  It’s also a great item to bring to dinner parties or to give away during a break-up because nothing says “Thanks for having me” better than homemade salsa.

Cook time: 10 Min. Fresh for 2 weeks. Total price: 30-36RMB ($5-6)

Ingredients: 1 Yellow Pepper (1-2 RMB)
1 Cucumber (1-2 RMB)
1 Tomato (1-2 RMB)
1 Mango (5-10 RMB)
Fresh Rosemary (5-10 RMB)
1 Lemon (8-10 rMB)

Instructions: Dice the yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato, and mango in to little squares SEPARATELY and keep them segregated like an awkward middle school dance.  Grab a glass jar and create 1 thick layer of each ingredient in an aesthetically pleasing way.  Start with the heaviest vegetable on the bottom (i.e. cucumber or yellow pepper), then the tomatoes, finally, the top layer should be the diced mango pieces.

Next, slice the lemon in half. If you  have a lemon squeezing apparatus, use it to drain half a lemon of all it’s pulp and juice (remove the seeds) and drench your Pinterest-perfect creation in juice.  If you don’t have a special lemon squeezing apparatus, go buy one.  OR use the whole lemon and simply squeeze by hand like a barbarian. Garnish the top of your salsa with Fresh Rosemary (not diced), but be sure not to mix it into the salsa until you serve the salsa otherwise the leaves will get really soggy.

Serve as a chip-dip, tacos, or use prosciutto to scoop up the mango salsa for a tasty Paleo snack!

Think you can beat my budget? Tag me on Instagram @wanderonwards to show me your creations and spin offs of my recipes!

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