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My Broke Kitchen: Juices And Smoothies

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Welcome, to the first installment of My Broke Kitchen! And before I continue, I’d like to thank MyHarto for her name-spiration! Aka the producer of “My Drunk Kitchen.”

So the creation of My Broke Kitchen was inspired by you guys started asking me about all my paleo recipes on Instagram. So I decided to expand Wander Onwards to include weekly recipes about all the fun things I’m making in my kitchen, on a budget. Like… a super budget.

What is Paleo? Paleo is a playful name for simply eating clean. What is clean you ask? Nothing processed. You should never keep anything in your pantry or fridge that can survive longer than two weeks without perishing… or a nuclear war. (Looking at you Twinkies). For that reason, Paleo prohibits the consumption of dairy, grains, and processed sugar; for your benefit I assure you.

Unfortunately, all this fresh produce and meat normally comes with a price… and a steep one. But can you really put a price on health?

Yes. Because there are student loans to pay down, rent to make, emergencies that come up, and packed work schedules.

But never fear! I’m SUPER cheap and refuse to maintain my healthy style beyond my means… because I can’t… unfortunately, this adventure isn’t going to be easy. To save your paycheck, you have to be willing to make up the difference in labor. Eating clean allows you to maintain a normal body weight, boosts your immunity, improves your mood, and even regulates your hormone production and sleeping patterns! So lets start this adventure towards better living together. I’ve included how much I pay for these materials at the bottom of the recipe.  Think  you can beat my bargain hunting skills?

Juices and Smoothies

 For me, I can’t juice for long periods of time because of my intense fitness regiment. I am an avid CrossFitter/cult member so I need a ton of calories every day to WOD fiercely with the best of them. If I do juice, it’s usually only for 24 hours to reset my digestive system. For that reason, I do a lot of smoothie-ing? It allows me to consume an absurd amount of nutrients WHILE keeping some of the fiber properties that juicing destroys. I always have at least ONE smoothie during the day because it’s an easy way to consume the same amount of nutrients that I would find in 2 large salads in less than 10 minutes. I also focus on vegetables for my smoothies because I don’t want to increase my sugar intake dramatically and it’s cheaper than using fruits!

Welcome to the broke life.


1 Red Beet (8-10 RMB)
1 Apple (2-3 RMB)
2 Large Carrots (4-6 RMB)
1 Piece of Ginger (1-2 RMB)
¼ of a Lemon (8 RMB)
**1 Tablespoon of Honey For Sweetness.

Total China Price: +/- 27 RMB ($4-$5)


1 Head of Watercress (10 RMB)
1 Peach (3 RMB)
Cilantro (3 RMB)
¼ of a Lemon (8 RMB)
Handful of Flaxseed (20 RMB for 1 Kilo)
**Apples for Sweetness (2 RMB)

Total China Price: +/- 30 RMB ($5-6)


1 Large Head of Cilantro (3-5 RMB)
1 Piece of Ginger (2-5 RMB)
Handful Of Flax (20 RMB) or Chia seeds (Smuggled from HK, unknown price)
¼ of a Lemon (8 RMB)
1/2 Peeled Orange (4 RMB)
** Apples for Sweetness (2 RMB)

Total China Price: +/- 24 RMB ($4-5)


Notice: These prices are based on the produce available during the summer season and as subjected to change. All produce was also bought at outdoor Chinese supermarkets and not expensive foreign stores, unless otherwise noted.


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