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“I’m A Little Traveler:” Hosting A Game Show At School

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“I’m A Little Traveler:” The Knowledge Of The UK Competition

I love me some cultural exchange. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of my school’s international “game show.” It’s critical that kids understand early on that there is a whole world out there. It needs to be wandered and appreciated-not conquered or invaded.

At my school, the English teachers planned out a game show called: “I’m A Little Traveler: The Knowledge Competition of the UK.” We had real microphones (I felt like Beyonce), bells, a score board, and cameras EVERY WHERE. ALL of the parents took pictures on the biggest DSL cameras they could find this side of the Atlantic Ocean… WHILE they recorded it on their phones for QQ (Chinese equivalent of Facebook). It was pretty damn cute if you ask me. Good thing I did my hair.

IGTeacher2 copy

The kids crushed it, the parents thought my English was insanely funny-silly foreigner-and all of the teachers were able to showcase how well their kids were learning English and history. This gave me extra brownie points with our leader (Chinese equivalent of a “boss”) and I was able to take some time off of work-just because.

We, in any-where-but-China, forget is that many major Chinese cities are contracted (by-law) to only have one child per family. For that reason, Chinese parents have ONE SHOT to get it right. If you mess it up, then you and your family becomes the laughing stock of the community.

But, no pressure… SAID NO ONE IN CHINA EVER.

IGkids2 copy

That kind of pressure is INSANE to process (to me) because for the last several years, my parents have been allowing me to gallivant around the world-unsupervised-trusting me to make smart life and career decisions. They have 3 other kids that can “make it” if I become a radical liberal hippy (which I already am) and disappear into the jungles of Asia.

Which reminds me… I need to get my rabies shots before I do that.

Please enjoy these festive photos of me (and friends) hosting the game show.

IGTeacher4 copy

IGTeacher5 copy

IGTeacher copy

IGTeacher7 copy

IGTeacher6 copy

  • Angela

    It looks like so much fun! So, this is a very random thing to ask, but the top picture got me wondering. How tall are you? I’m curious because I have my eye on South Korea, and I’m already tall for a girl by American standards (5″9). Does the all-Asians-are-short stereotype have any truth to it?

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