I Was Tired Of Feeling Helpless Abroad, So I Did Something About It

For the last two years, I’ve been living abroad and traveling to whatever country that would give me a visa. From Cambodia to Scotland, I’ve roamed the corners of the earth looking for something “more.” What is this “more” you ask?… Not a 100% sure. Give me another year.

But whatever that “more” is, it certainly has nothing to do with me.

But with every new developing country I’ve visited, I couldn’t help but feel more and more helpless. Here I was, witnessing suffering first-hand, and there was literally nothing I could do. I could give someone the shirt off my back and every last cent I had on me, but who knows what would happen afterwards! Many of these communities were suffering because of corrupt political systems, limited healthcare resources, and a general lack of educational opportunity; and who was I to fight these circumstances alone? And then fate intervened with a phone call.

“I want to do something crazy…” Well then sir, you have my attention.

An old CrossFit buddy of mine was in the process of assembling a super team of humanitarians who pulled together their skills to build a new type of company; one that puts people before profits. And so Style For Humanity was born.

Sort of.


Little did we know, building a fashion company (especially one based on charity) was damn nearly impossible. From botched samples to fraudulent manufactures, it seemed as if EVERYTHING was against us from the get-go. We wanted to change the world by changing people’s choices, but the world didn’t want to make it easy.

There were a few things that we weren’t willing to compromise on:
1) 20% of STF profits would go to charity
2) We would pay our manufactures a living wage
3) All of our materials would be locally sourced through ethical vendors

Nearly a year later, we are proud to announce that we’ve overcome the impossible.

Happier Than A Bird With A French Fry
Style For Humanity was founded on a simple commitment: to make a positive difference in the world through fashion by donating 20% of our profits to charities. We partnered up with three separate charities, Room to Read, K.I.D.S, and Thrive Networks for their transparency and outstanding commitment to Style For Humanity’s philanthropic vision. By working in collaboration with communities and local governments across the world, these charities invest in people; so every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to one day be successful and thriving members of society.

Together, we will not only impact the underprivileged around the world, but we will also provide a means for those who wish to help. After years of feeling helpless to change the circumstances around me, I finally found a way give back to these communities that have changed my life in more ways than they can imagine.

So our team decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to build support and gather like-minded individuals, who are looking to change their choices to change the world. Your pledges will give you access to tons of awesome rewards from our Spring/Summer line and we’re even having a party on SEPTEMBER 26th for humanitarians in Orange County! Come check out our new line first-hand, meet the Style For Humanity Team, and mingle with other fashion/humanitarian professionals over appetizers and a complementary OPEN BAR. Any and all support would be much appreciated and remember, if you resonate with what we are trying to do here, sharing is caring!…. Whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or carrier pigeon.


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Vanessa Elizabeth is a cultural chameleon currently based in London. She enjoys sports (such as CrossFit and dating), cooking, and demolishing her savings account. When she's not busy blogging about her feelings, she works full-time and practices Chinese with her English/German friends.

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    Fantastic idea. Hope your fundraising party went well! 🙂