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Horseback Riding Through The Countryside In Lugo, Spain

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Something about my time in Spain really opened my eyes to appreciate the not-so-popular tourist destinations in Europe. I had such a fantastic time for so little money, it really made me question why I’m living in the most expensive city the world! ย We found the Casa Cazoleiro through a personal recommendation from one of my friend’s colleagues at work. We were told to get on a bus and then to wait at the bus stop for a mysterious man to come pick us up and take us to the ranch in the middle of no where. Sounded like it was really up my ally so I jumped on the opportunity to go!

So I’m afraid of horses. I don’t like anything bigger than me and something about their eyes are shifty to me. My standing motto is: if you’re afraid of it, then you should probably do it; which ultimately lead me to jump on the pony once more and to face my fear.


When we arrived at the ranch/hotel, we were greeted by MASSIVE dogs that were easily twice my height if they were to stand on their hind legs. ย I asked the owner what they fed the dogs and they told me that the dogs eat cow meat until they turn 1, and then they’re weened onto normal dog food.

We rode into the mountains via a clearly marked trail, and then we said eff the trail, #YO(Horseback)O, we’re going to go galloping into the brush. ย So we did… but Krystle’s (my friend) horse had a different plan and actually turned completely around and started galloping back to the house. It was pretty hilarious and basically made my day. (Sorry Krystle).


Our guide was definitely a looker. Probably had kids, but a looker for sure. ย I couldn’t really communicate with him since my Spanish grammar is so awful so I tried to get him to teach me things and to explain to me (in Spanish) about the surrounding area. ย No idea what he said, but he seemed really nice.

At some point he realized that we had strayed too far from the beaten path that we were suppose to be following so he made a sharp left down the mountain and through super thick brush and shrubs. ย Out pants and ankles started to cut scraped so I was super thankful that I work closed-toe shoes and long pants for the journey. ย I was really impressed at our guide’s ability to just wing it. He just knew where his house was and I respect that.


After we finally found our way through the brush, our guide let me take the horse for a spin and gallop back home. ย As someone who is naturally inclined to pursue danger, I took this opportunity to practice but my thighs were DYING from the long way up the mountain. ย So instead, I did an aggressive trot all the way back to the hotel, leading the pack. ย As one does of course.

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