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Going Glam: For Solo-Travelers

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Want to travel alone, but just don’t know where to start? Me too! The world is such a massive place that sometimes I just don’t know where to start. Should I eat first? Sleep first? When should I take off my pants?

Immediately, obviously.

When traveling, the best way to find amazing locations and activities is by word-of-mouth and personal recommendations; which can get tricky! Once, a friend and I were sent to Boracay Island (Philippines) to find a local named “Jonny” to give him a volleyball… I assume it was blessed by monks or priests, or some combination of the two… So we packed our bags and flew out of Beijing, roamed the beaches asking locals who’s who, and eventually, we found this mystical person hustling foreigners for money. Him, and his 4 teammates, were no taller than 5’2”, but they were spiking over the 6-foot-something “Lax Bros” whom were trying to prove themselves in-between pub-crawls. They were out of their $4 U.S. dollars almost instantly.

My friend and I ended up spending the weekend playing volleyball on the beach hustling tourists for money too. It was magical. Jonny also took us parasailing, helped us avoid tourist traps, and showed us where the best parties were on the island. And this entire adventure was made possible with simply a name; “Jonny.”

So how should you go about finding exciting adventures with ease and little effort?

Force your significant other to do it, obviously.

OR, join the PinkTrotters!

Welcome to the fabulous life people. Created by women for women, PinkTrotters is a community of internationally awesome women who congregate all over the world for one purpose: to enjoy the life they’ve created.

As someone who works hard for hers, it never shocks me how quickly I loose sight of what I’m actually working for! I rarely splurge or buy myself nice things because in the back of my mind, I’m constantly second guessing what else that money could be going to… like more CrossFit gear.

Here’s how it works:

1)   Choose a “Glam Escape” that fits your interests.

2)   Grab a group of awesome girl friends, join a new group, or design your own!

3)   Confirm your participation.

4)   Do awesome stuff.

Super simple. Let them do all the hard work! I mean that’s what you’re paying them for right?

Here are a few of the trips that are showcased currently online:

Mykonos July

Ibiza Sept

Ostunia August

On these trips, you’ll be able to enjoy unique products, services, and lodging sponsored by the PT Partners and Friends.

Here is an example of the free goodies PT participants get to receive!

 PT Free gifts

Along with these trendy perks:

– Opportunity to participate to private events arranged: mini show cooking, yoga courses, private chef dinners, boat tour, breakfast pedicure (depending on the location) – the price of the events is excluded

– Reserved sun beds in the best beach clubs of each location at a lower price for the Pinktrotters

– Reserved dinners and lunches at the best restaurants at a lower price for the Pinktrotters


The PinkTrotters’ staff will cover nearly every part of your trip; all you have to do is sign up. The PinkTrotters’ package is a great gift for graduations or bachelorette parties; or even honeymooning with your most important significant-other (aka your BFF). It’s a girls only trip guys. You wouldn’t appreciate the campaign anyways.

What I like most about the package is the fact that it’s so solo-traveler friendly. Even if you go alone, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded women who are successful, well-traveled, and looking to make the most out of their life! A band of wanderers with high standards and even higher heels, if you will.

As of now there is no Asia trip, much to my dismay.  Since I’ve already done a great deal of Europe and I’m focusing on Asia at the moment, I think you guys should help me INSIST that a Bali trip be created for the 2015 lineup! Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Tag @wanderonwards on Instagram and Facebook to showcase your “dream destinations” and maybe we can nudge the Pink Trotting teaming in a certain direction… South-East Asia anyone? French Polynesian Islands maybe? Maybe…



Peking Productions

Aaron Berkovich is one of my personal friends and long-time supporters. He believed in my dreams before it was cool.

He’s been shooting in Beijing for the later year and by photographing travel, parties, people, and food, his intimate images allow him to share his own journey with like-minded people. Like his page here.


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