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Eat Better, Live Better: This Bar Saves Lives

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It’s no secret that developing countries hold a particular place in my heart.  As I prepare to start my Masters at SOAS, the challenges I’m going to face when moving back to Asia to pursue my dreams is becoming more and more apparent. Many of these countries lack basic infrastructure and health policies to help bring average families out of poverty, but I’ve always enjoyed having the odds stacked against me; kind of like these guys.

Meet: This Bar Saves Lives.

Here’s the reality: severe acute malnutrition leads to 2.6 million child deaths each year.  That’s one child, every 12 seconds. But for every bar you buy, This Bar Saves Lives gives a packet of life saving food to a child in need. Inspired by their travels through Liberia, the TBSL founders joined the fight against malnutrition by creating a snack that tastes good while doing good. These bars are made with all natural, gluten free, non-GMO, fair trade ingredients from the best farms around. Even if you have no food preferences, allergies, or mantras, for just $2 per bar, you’re giving children a fighting chance in the world. The concept is simple: eat better, live better.

This is a fantastic company because it gives people the opportunity to participate in the world around them within a reasonable scope.  Not everyone has the opportunity to take off around the globe to join in the war against poverty at the drop of a hat. I get it. But this is a small habit alteration that you can make that would make a real difference in the lives of people in developing countries.  With more and more programs available for women and children to support themselves financially and sustainably, it’s critical that these at-risk people have the proper resources and nutrition to succeed on their own.


Wander Onwards is all about going outside your comfort zone and taking the world head on, despite the odds.  Not only do these bars truly taste fantastic, but they uphold values that I live by, no matter what country I’m in: the world is about more than just you.  Be part of the movement and swap out your old bars for these delicious options.  My personal favorite was the Dark Chocolate Cherry & Sea Salt option because it simply melts in your mouth and offers a quick fix for whenever you’re craving something sweet.  I often carry a TBSL bar in my tote or backpack when I’m traveling because the protein-rich ingredients keep me full and happy for long periods of time (like my 6 hour road trip to San Fran)!  There’s even a kids’ line (This Kid Saves Lives) designed with kids in mind for even the youngest do-gooder in the family.

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