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Discovering St. George, Utah (And Rediscovering America)

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After spending some time in Vegas, I took a day to explore the wonders of St. George, Utah and I was pretty surprised. For most of my life, I’ve always been “warned” of the Mormon values that OBVIOUSLY dominate ALL of Utah regarding sobriety and chastity and anything else hardcore lefties like me cringe at.  I don’t like the idea that I can’t take my top off and chug a beer on top of a bar whenever I want… despite the fact that I don’t really drink anymore… but I still want the option, you know?

I was pleasantly surprised to find AMAZING food, friendly people of all faiths, and an amazing backdrop to my photos. While we were driving, we stopped by the Black Bear Diner for some libations and food and my expectations were pretty low since I had just spent the last month eating my way through LA… but I was COMPLETELY AMAZED about the quality and quantity of the food provided.  We later hit a bar that was PACKED with food, people, and booze and there were women all over the place with their goodies on display and it really felt like AMERICA was being celebrated.


Here’s what I’m trying to get at: you can continue to travel and explore, even in your own backyard.

After whipping about all over the world, I tend to take for granted all of the wonders that I have yet to explore in America.  I’ve already been to 38 States, and to some degree, I’ve written off America as a “see-it-done-that” kind of experience.  But I was wrong.

But don’t quote me on it, because I’m a 24 year-old woman and I’m basically NEVER wrong, ever… I will also deny it until one of us dies of natural causes…

Even if you don’t have the cash money to make your way to Europe or Asia right now, take the opportunity to rediscover your own backyard. Every city has a tourist industry for a reason. Find out why, today.

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  • Very good point! You can always find something new to discover, even in places that you think you know. I fall into the category of people who have explored more in Europe than in my own home country of the United States, and I would like to change that someday. There are so many amazing places left to discover!

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