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Dress – Raven & Lily // Sandals – Sseko Designs // Tattoos – Flash Tattoos // Jewelry – RocksBox (use wanderonwardsxoxo to redeem a FREE gift!) // Bracelet – Somewhere in CambodiaRavenAndLily4



Recently I went to Vegas with my family and it was surprisingly pleasant.  I’m not really a “Vegas” kind of girl because I’m SUPER cheap, I don’t drink, I have a boyfriend, and I genuinely HATE wearing heels for longer than an hour. Some how, I made it through the wilderness… yeah I made it through. ;] We stayed in Vegas for one night and then headed into Utah for some hiking and relaxation for HALF the price of Vegas.  I brought along with me my Raven & Lily dress because it’s super light and breathable.  I am wearing a medium in the photos, but the dresses seem to “run large” (so not Forever 21 child sizes?) and I ended up tailoring the dress to show off my curves more.  While we were in 105 degree weather, I was the only person in town who wasn’t sweating through my clothing because the R&L dress is made by women who know how to handle the heat. All of Raven & Lily products are hand-made my women from developing countries and your money goes to support their craft and family.  As I continue to travel, I see the impacts that devastatingly cheap labor has on communities.  As someone who only owns 3 medium suitcases worth of stuff on this planet, I feel like it’s my duty to move away from cheap production to support my fellow humans.  If I have to pay a couple extra bucks so children don’t have to make my clothing, I think I can do with a smaller closet. Can you?

PS: Anyone else think it’s mental how easily I blend into the rock?


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