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The Carry On Packing Guide: Summer In New York

When in doubt, vacation. Β I was lucky enough to find this piece in Spain recently, and it’s basically my life motto. Tomorrow I’m leaving for New York and I couldn’t be more stressed. I have SOOO much work to do while I’m flying across the pond, school is right around the corner, and I’m torn between taking a carry-on (my go-to) or a medium sized suitcase to smuggle…

Packing Problems: Last Minute Clothing Hacks While On The Go

The weather promised me that it would behave for my time in Germany, but it failed me like that ex-boyfriend you had to unfriend on Facebook. Β There were some hefty promises made… it’ll be sunny while you’re in Dusseldorf… pack dresses so you can enjoy the breeze… and then I completely got screwed and was shaking outside in a mini-dress. So I did what any good female does,…