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Turn Down For Wat? Welcome to Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

I love gangster rap just as much as the next girl.  When the DJ drops the beat and my hips endure the unavoidable need to twerk, I’ve been known to get jiggy wit it in the most socially appropriate places available.  I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me. With DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” song taking the world by storm, it was difficult to refrain…

Homestay In Rural Chambok, Cambodia

While I consider myself to be a serious city-slicker, I can’t ignore the call of the wild.  Adventurer by profession, I am constantly looking for new ways to experience my surroundings in a more authentic way; which I was I opted in for a homestay while I was in Cambodia. A homestay is normally when you live with a local family, with few luxuries, and gather a taste…