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4 Completely Safe Cities For Female Travelers in Asia

I’ve had A LOT of luck when it comes to not being kidnapped or murdered.  23 years and running.  Sometimes I do my research about safe cities for female travelers in Asia, but more often than not, I just head over and basically wing it. Sorry mom.  This list is based on my own personal opinions and observations and NOT based on the horror stories that you read on the…

Things To Do During A Layover In Singapore

What CAN’T you do during a layover in Singapore? Arguably the most INCREDIBLE layover site on earth, Singapore offers a wide variety of things to do during a layover or intentional visit.  However, everything is HELLA expensive in Singapore and the longer you stay in this glorious city, the lower the number in your bank account will appear.  Trust me. Plus there’s a “sin tax” on booze and…