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Packing Guides

Travel Hack: Be Jewel Toned

Nothing kills my mood faster than a good old-fashion fat day; especially when I’m traveling. When I’m carefully packing, I just don’t have space to bring along 5 day outfits, 5 night outfits, 10 CrossFit ensembles, AND a few pieces to hide insecurities in case my body decides to randomly betray me. Packing for the long road ahead is all about functionality and range. Can I wear this…

Why GORUCK Made The Difference

When I invest in traveling equipment, there are two very important questions that I take into consideration: 1. Does this make my butt look big? (Squat city!!) 2. Can I run away from a kidnapper with this, drunk? These two clauses have revolutionized my traveling wardrobe and a few staples that can be found on me at all times while traveling include the following: yoga pants, my Michael…