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I’m on a mission.  I am dedicated to answering all of my emails, Facebook message, Twitter tweets, and Insta comments with awesome articles that I’ve already published for detailed, accessible information.  How to start a travel blog you ask?  Well first and foremost, let’s not re-invent the wheel.  Check out a few of these titlesContinue reading

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Many of you have been asking “How did I start” or how I overcame the challenges of living abroad and I’ve been dreaming up a way to concisely tell my life story… without humble bragging (too much at least), WHILE being brutally honest… but without scaring people out of taking the jump.  And with as many run on sentencesContinue reading


Maybe I’m subconsciously after a second passport, but as life would have it, I’ve rarely dated within my own culture, race, or country.  My grandmother is cool with it so why shouldn’t the rest of the world?  For many of us who are involved in interracial or international relationships, there are some pretty unique challengesContinue reading

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Recently, the average cost of Coachella has been on my mind.  Like many of my millennial peers, my Facebook and Instagram feed has been hijacked by Coachella-enthusiasts with carefully curated photos of their trendy outfits and #candied poses for all of the world to enjoy.  #Jelly I’ve been to a few music festivals back in my day, but whenContinue reading