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New York

The Carry On Packing Guide: Summer In New York

When in doubt, vacation.  I was lucky enough to find this piece in Spain recently, and it’s basically my life motto. Tomorrow I’m leaving for New York and I couldn’t be more stressed. I have SOOO much work to do while I’m flying across the pond, school is right around the corner, and I’m torn between taking a carry-on (my go-to) or a medium sized suitcase to smuggle…

How To Do NYC Like A Local

Nothing bothers me more than tourists. Generally speaking, all tourists walk slowly, take pictures of things that don’t matter, and ruin special for locals on a day-to-day basis. I consider myself to be a cultural chameleon so no matter where I go, I always take great measures to blend into my surroundings as much as possible to limit the risk of being robbed. Because annoying people deserve to…

I Hate My New Tattoo: And Other Millennial Problems

Holy crap I messed up, like, big time. I pride myself on my ability to turn an oil spill into tequila, but this time, there’s just no going back. For the last year, China has been smashing me into the ground relentlessly and I have been thirsty for something to commemorate this experience and to remind myself when I’m down that this is what I came back from.…