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3 Things You HAVE To Do When Traveling In Yangon, Myanmar

I say HAVE instead of should because I’m a dramatic person by nature.  After visiting Myanmar for the first time, I’ve collected a list of a few things that you HAVE to do when traveling in Yangon or else you’re just not living. Not. Living. You got it? I’m super passionate about Myanmar because something struck a chord with me when I visited Myanmar for the first time.…

4 Completely Safe Cities For Female Travelers in Asia

I’ve had A LOT of luck when it comes to not being kidnapped or murdered.  23 years and running.  Sometimes I do my research about safe cities for female travelers in Asia, but more often than not, I just head over and basically wing it. Sorry mom.  This list is based on my own personal opinions and observations and NOT based on the horror stories that you read on the…

8 Reasons To Travel To Myanmar in 2015

Out of all the south-east Asian countries I visited this winter, Myanmar was, by far, the most eye-opening experience.  I only included 8 reasons to travel to Myanmar simply because I didn’t want to waste your valuable time when you SHOULD BE searching for flights and accommodation on TripAdvisor or Skyscanner.  Seriously.  2015 is the time to go because it’s just recently been open to the world for tourism…