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Things To Do In Bali: The Basics

Bali is a literally a dream.  I was overwhelmed with all the things to do in Bali and I feel like I haven’t even scraped the surface!  I’ve been loading a CRAZY amount of photos to Instagram about my trip because it doesn’t entirely feel real?… It was a perfect 80 degrees, there was lush greenery everywhere I turned, and I was able to play with elephants as they…

Wander Onwards To bvilla Bali!

There’s nothing more valuable than personal space.  Even though I usually travel alone, I’m constantly jumping from planes to buses to boats to cars, so I rarely have an opportunity to decompress and relax in one space.  bvilla Bali was my answer to that problem. Sometimes I can be difficult.  A travel blogger with a “diva” issue?  Original, I know. I often make ridiculous requests like, “can I get my clothing…