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AFRclothing: Do Good While Looking Good

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I’ve always had a real passion for causes that combine social responsibility and awesomeness into one organization. Meet AFRclothing: a company that uses its resources to bridge the achievement gap in developing African countries

I support AFRclothing because I believe that higher education is the only lasting resource that impedes the growth of poverty and community violence effectively.

I know this to be true because I was one of the lucky ones that made it out. Growing up in the Los Angeles public school system wasn’t easy. I’ve seen things. When I was an incoming freshman, someone was shot and killed just outside of my high school. I’ve seen girls get their face smashed into blunt objects, weapons, drugs, elevated rates of teen-pregnancy, and during my senior year of high school, a slew of gang members jumped my friends and I at a party. No joke.

Basically my street cred is over 9000. [Dragon Ball Z Reference]

I would have never made it this far if it wasn’t for the world-class education I received at Boston College. The connections that I made at BC alone have opened doors for me into the world of the 1 Percenters and Fortune 500 companies, but I stay grounded because LA runs deep in my veins.

I’m a hood rat with a degree and most people could never have guessed.


AFRclothing is making waves by challenging the status quo for what is acceptable. It is not acceptable for gifted young men and women to remain in poverty because they weren’t born into the right social class; so AFRclothing decided to do something about it. All proceeds are immediately donated to the Amani Hope Foundation:

“The Amani Hope Foundation identifies children in need and provides them with educational scholarships, equipping them with peaceful paths to positive change. Our belief is that education is a basic human right, and our vision is to improve quality of life for Amani Hope Scholars, who will then be able to improve quality of life for those around them.  So far we’ve partnered with Light for Children in Ghana, Chiedza Child Care Center in Zimbabwe and NOAH Ark in South Africa. Our grande vision is to distribute education globally to children who need, want and aspire for progress and enlightenment.”

Helping out is easy. Just go to Purchase something. Done. Swag.

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Do good while looking good.

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