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7 Truths That All Female Travelers Understand

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All female travelers are collector of experiences and rich in personal understanding.  We learn life lessons and adapt to setbacks more quickly than our stationary counterparts because we’ve seen how the rest of the world lives. Sure that doesn’t fill our savings account, but we would never-for a second-give up the last two years of travel for anything.  Not for a house.  Not for a car.  Not for even our student loans.  That’s how much traveling has impacted our sense of self, independence, and understanding of what we want for now more than ever before.

However this sense of fearlessness is being crushed by an “approved” 2015-friendly timeline that generations before us seem to be so concerned about.  We’re told to focus on our careers, then get married, then start our families WHILE juggling a full-time career… all before we are 35.

It’s all very overwhelming.

How about we all just take beat?  And we let our careers, relationships, and family situations unfold according to how the universe has planned it.  Call me a California hippy, but as a female traveler I’ve seen enough on the road to know that I can’t stop what Life has planned for me.  I can only come along for the ride… because I know the 7 Truths of the world.

1. Life Happens

– Your bus might break down or taxi driver may not speak English and that’s okay.  There’s no reason to cry, the world isn’t ending, it’s just another small bump in the ride that you will eventually get through.

2. Love Happens 

– If you put yourself in the position to meet like-minded people then you will increase your chances of finding love or a partner that gets you.  Certain types of people gather abroad in little communities, and depending on what you’re looking for, you will probably have better chances finding authentic Love away from your comfort zone.

3. You Are More Independent Than You Think

Long-term travel is all about mental stamina.  How will you carry all of your own luggage for two months?  Who will work out your Visa details at the border? How will you keep yourself safe in a foreign country?  You will.  Because you are your own superhero.

4. People Are Inherently Kind

When emergencies strike abroad, I’ve never received more help in my life from locals and travelers alike.  I’ve been welcomed into homes and families without any expectation other than a mutual respect for the other person.

Rice Fields

Rice Fields

5. Life Is Too Short To Be Unhappy

Meeting different people from unique cultures whom speak a variety of languages really opens up a woman’s mind about what happiness is and if it’s present in her life right now.  Is it this happiness authentic?  Or is it something that’s Facebook-worthy for your society sisters to “Like?”  What do you need to be happy?  Do you have that right now? Is it a thing, a person, or a circumstance? When you’re on the road, the answers to these important life questions manifest a crazy times… you just have to be willing to receive it.

6. You Shouldn’t Fear Death

As a woman, we’re always being told not to behave a certain way, make certain choices, or wear short skirts at night because that puts us in danger.  Well I say screw it.  The genetic lottery has put me in this position and I will damn well take advantage of every opportunity, despite the presence of fear.  The ONLY time I’ve ever been robbed or held up at gun point has always been in AMERICA and the fear of “what if” will not paralyze me. Period.

7. Carry No Judgement 

After experiencing so many cultures and religions, it’s hard for traveling women to judge and hold unfair opinions because chances are, we’ve met an incredible soul that comes from that culture, religion, race, or community.  We have experienced kindness in all sorts of languages and to pigeonhole an entire group of people sounds insane to us.


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