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7 Lies People Tell Millennials

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As a typical Millennial, I consider myself hip with the kids. I’m on The Facebook, I’m broke all the time, and I consider it totally acceptable to be in my PJ’s eating peanut butter until 3pm on a weekday. What else would you be doing on a Thursday? Older generations throw us shade for using slang like “throw shade,” but while we talk differently, we’re one of the most capable generations to ever hit the job market. We have mastered the latest technology, but we still know how to interact like human beings because our parents forced us too. God help the next generation though… why do toddlers need iPads anyway?

1. Technology Will Rot Your Brain.

Perhaps our biggest criticism is our addiction to technology, but that’s where the markets moving. There is no reason I should teach a grown human being how to do Microsoft Power Point, but still, there are people in the job market who are easily flustered by this simple program and often force the interns to do their dirty work because they’re behind the times.

2. Invest In Your Future And You’ll Figure Out How To Pay For It Later

It’s later… and I still got nothing. Now that a bachelor’s degree is the new high school degree, the market is more competitive, hiring is down, and women make a fraction of the pay that men do just because we have ovaries. Jesus. Take them! I’ll never be able to afford a family or buy a home with my crippling student debt anyways.

3. Your Career Should Be Your Priority.

But what about your health? With 10-12 hour workdays, Millennials rarely have time to hit the gym or cook fresh food; we are slaves to Seamless food delivery, binge drink because alcohol is cheaper than food, and chain smoke just to deal with the stress. What we don’t realize is we’re damaging our bodies beyond repair and then thrown to the wolves in the broken healthcare system that our elders left us with.

4. Don’t Look For Love. Love Will Find You.

Well Love better wait in the lobby of everyone’s 9-9 because ain’t nobody got time to go out and “meet people” organically. Tinder, OkCupid, and Grindr are all socially acceptable ways to meet people and start lasting relationships. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

5. Your 20’s Are The Best Years Of Your Life.

God I hope not. Between choosing whether or not I should eat today or put my money towards by rent bill that’s overdue, my 20’s are filled with constant uncertainty. Who am I? What do I believe in? What do I want to be when I “grow up?” Is it socially acceptable to eat this a week later?

6. Always Listen To Your Elders

No. There are some serious generational gaps that swing against liberal ideas such as birth control, marriage equality, race, feminism, etc. While advice is always welcomed, keep in mind that some generation gaps are too deep to fill; so don’t feel pressured into believing or voting a certain way just because your Pop Pop warned you about the growing influence of minorities, atheists, and “the gays.”

7. You Can Travel Later In Life

But what if I can’t? What if I’m diagnosed with a life-threatening disease? What if I get hit by a car? What if my financial responsibilities are too great to ever take a few weeks off of work? Life gets tough quickly. There are bills to pay and obligations to uphold so why not take off when you’re young, durable, and a little impulsive? There’s plenty of time to build your career, but who knows how much longer the rain forest, ice caps, and endangered spices have left on this planet.

We are a different generation with different challenges and different priorities.  Own it!

  • I have been reevaluating some of these “lies” myself over the last couple of years. While I don’t regret my decision to attend college – I had a great time – I do regret how I did it… $60,000 of student loan debt later, I came to Korea to find myself and find a disposable income!

    I love reading your posts. It’s great to see other young women speaking out and encouraging other millennials to be brave and take a few leaps. To question the “traditional” ways.

    Write on, Girl. 🙂

  • Sarah

    My inspiration! You’re blog is addicting and defiantly my favorite read on the internet. Keep writing and keep moving!


  • John

    I agree with Chris. You are an inspiration for our generation. I wish I could meet you since you seem like someone that would be an interesting and creative friend.

  • Chris

    Been following you since your marriage post went viral. I just want to say what you are doing is amazing. Living outside our societal norms and public pressures, you’re an inspiration to this whole generation. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • bb

    you are the gurl to read.
    Feel like there are others who are lile me when I read u.

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