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5 Travel Apps That Every Traveler Swears By

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Having a smart phone takes 80% of the hassle OUT of traveling. You can book flights, organize a hotel, and even meet people in your surrounding area, all at the click of a button. Here are my favorite 5 Travel Apps that every traveler swears by (or should start!)

1. DuoLingo

Duolingo is a fantastic resource if you’re abroad and don’t speak the local language. By using memory and brain research to back up their methods, DuoLingo has perfected learning in a fun and engaging way. You can learn anything from Chinese characters to Spanish delicacies with the help of DuoLingo’s repetitive exercises to really melt the words, characters, or phrases into your brain for next time when you need it most.

2. AirBnb

As one of the most profitable tech companies in the world, AirBnb is a traveler’s goldmine because of its affordability. I really don’t care about extra luxury and fluff in my hotels and accommodation sometimes so I turn to AirBnb to give me exactly what I need: a bed at an affordable price. No more and no less. I feel pretty confident that I can clean on my own and fold my own sheets over so I’m unwilling to splurge on this feature at a proper hotel…. Especially when I’m only in my room for a few hours a day!

3. Rome2Rio

Before I plan anything, I always like to consider my options. That’s why I’m super in love with Rome2Rio! All you have to do is type in your starting point and your destination and Rome2Rio brings up a whole list of ways to get to and from anywhere in the world. Rome2Rio not only lists all of the flights or trains available, but it also includes car rides, ferries, buses, and walking!… because maybe there are some people out there who want to walk from Spain to Russia. Sounds like an adventure worth pursuing!


4. Revolut

I’ve been a member of Revolut since it’s beta launch and it has literally saved my butt time and time again while abroad. I live in London, but I’m paid in dollars, and I travel through Europe all the time so I’m constantly switching back and forth from the different currencies on my app seamlessly. This is how money handling should be!

You can download the app by clicking here and you’ll even receive 500 GBP worth of exchanges for FREE (for a limited time) for being a Wander Onwards reader! 😀 Or you can use my “WANDERONWARDS” code in the app store. You can also invite friends to earn money and more free exchanges. Read in detail about the company here.

5. BlaBlaCar (Website!)

So it’s not an app, but I’m sure they’re coming out with a Beta soon enough! I’m a big fan of meeting strangers while abroad and what better way to do it than by sharing a potentially uncomfortable car ride with someone you don’t know for long periods of time? BlahBlah allows you to search for someone who is going in your direction to carpool with. It’s a great option for people with cars as well because you’re able to charge people for gas money before the trip begins!

Check out more photos like these on Instagram! It’s my fav.


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  • Lorena

    I use most of these apps too! BlaBlaCar is a great cheap method of transport and you can make friends with locals along the way. I also use airbnb a lot and I prefer it to hotels 🙂

  • Danielle Crouch

    Great suggestions! Just want to point out that BlaBlaCar does have an app, at least for the iPhone (I can’t speak for Android or other platforms). I’ve used BlaBlaCar a few times and I can recommend it. And if you are in Germany there is also a similar site/app called Mitfahrgelegenheit that I can also recommend.

  • Oooooh, this is good to know. I mean, there are plenty of more apps, but it’s better to hear recommendations from travelers instead of vacationers P:

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