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4 Things To Do Off The Strip In Vegas (Fremont St)

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Vegas isn’t really my thing.  I don’t drink, I have a boyfriend, and I literally cannot stand to be in high heels for longer than a few minutes.  And that’s totally okay.  Since I went with my family and my parent’s and 16 year-old sister aren’t really the “clubbing type,” I decided to reach out to a private network of traveling women that I’m a part of to see if we had anyone in town.  From that resource, I was able to meet up with a local photographer (and badass traveler) who was gracious enough to pick up a TOTAL STRANGER (me) and show her around town.  Originally, we had planned to go to the Stratosphere, but I made a comment about wanted to see the chapels/hookers and we just went with it.  When in Vegas, do whatever you want to do.

1. See a free concert

By the time we had rolled up to Fremont Street, it was nearly 1am and we were catching the end of an outdoor concert where there was a devastatingly gorgeous woman tearing it up on a violin while in a bikini.  It was hot enough to be in a bikini so I was little jealous I didn’t think of the same game plan.

2. Watch street art being made

3. Swim with the Sharks

At 2am, the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget was closed, but we could still see into the aquarium that stood dead center of the pool.  Inside the aquarium, there were 6 foot sharks swimming lazily by and there was even a water slide that could take you through the middle of the shark tank (while still being surrounded by glass, obvs). We took a little break and tried to figure-out how to sneak in undetected, but obviously we weren’t the first people to try to sneak in after hours and there was tons of staff keeping an eye out.

4. Zip line across Fremont 

Slotzilla is a 12-story slot machine inspired zip line that’ll take you from one side of Fremont to the other in no time. This attraction is open till 3am, so after you get pissed and lose all your money gambling, this would be a fantastic consolation prize to yourself.  You’re essentially strapped in like a super hero and throw off a platform.  I wouldn’t suggest doing it drunk, but hey, YOLO.

LasVegas2 copy

5. Gamble

The casinos on Fremont street are devastatingly different than those on the strip. I would argue that the casino girls are more attractive, but in a, “you’ll wake up without your kidney” kind of way.  Fraternize if you dare! The casinos off the strip are not as elegant as the ones on the strip, but it’s a different experience entirely.  We witnessed plenty of large groups playing (and winning) well into the night… and then we saw a group of people lose EVVVEERRYYTTTHHIIINNGGG. You have been warned!

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