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3 San Francisco Travel Hacks You Need To Know About

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In my day-to-day lifestyle, I’m a pretty laid back person. I’m rarely stressed about having a plan, but nothing grinds my gears more than poor travel habits that then lead to a tornado of problems later down the road. In an expensive city like San Francisco, little mistakes can easily cost you loads of time, money, and hair follicles from the sheer stress of it all. Practice these four travel hacks and you’ll be sure to maximize your enjoyment of San Francisco while you’re in town.

Airbnb where you want to be

While San Francisco does have some public transportation, it pales in comparison to New York or London to accessibility. The main vain of life is called the BART and it picks up and drops off in very specific locations around San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and other popular burrows. Plan ahead and Airbnb within walking distance of where you think you’ll be spending the majority of your time (and not the Golden Gate Bridge). San Fran, Oakland, and Berkeley have TONS of food and bar scenes within walking distance and any money you would have saved by staying in a random burrow is going to be made up in a drunk taxi and Uber fares.


Fly/Drive in or out on a Tuesday or Thursday

Coming into town on a Tuesday or Thursday is going to greatly decrease your risk of catching mind-blowing traffic, and potentially save your relationship with your travel companions. I was caught at the entrance to the 580 highway in the middle of San Fran because it’s impossible to make a left/U turn anywhere and it nearly ended my relationship with my mom (sorry mom!). If you’re someone who’s easily angered by traffic and dumb people, beat the rush in or out by coming in the middle of the week.

Adventure out for lunch, but stick near home for dinner

Debit card fees start to add up quickly in an expensive place like San Fran so it’s best to take advantage of lunchtime deals at the city’s foodie hotspots. You’ll get more bang for your buck and be able to slip in and out of congested areas just before or after rush-hour. Go big for lunch and then go home for dinner. Chances are that you’ll be so full from lunch that you’ll order less during dinner and end up saving more in the long run. If your big on the bar scene, spend all that extra money that you’ve saved on dinner on drinking, you lucky dog you. Also, sticking near your hotel or AirBnb also increases your chances on walking/stumbling home instead of spending more money on a cab or a DUI.

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  • Great article, many thanks for the tips! Canyons, glaciers, skyscrapers, Hollwood, you name it, the USA has it. However, there are numerous tourist targeted scams to be wary of.

    Do be wary of the music artist scam, fake takeout menu, hot dog mustard scam, three card monte scam, ferry to staten island/fake tickets scam, casino theft, can you help cash out my chips scam, VIP pass scam, double tip scam and many more!

  • earth2jo

    Just got back from a week in SF for a wedding and loved it! I found the city really relaxed, no stress, easy to get around and full in interesting things to see/do/eat. I would definitely go back!

  • Nnedi Ugo

    I wish this was posted earlier! I was just there last week. It was so expensive to travel in San Fran esp since I had to take the Caltrain to get there. Great article tho!

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