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3 London Boroughs You Have To Explore

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London is sometimes overwhelming for locals and tourists alike.  There’s just so much going on all the time that it’s impossible to avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when trying to coordinate a weekend out on the town.  After an obvious visit to the London Eye, there’s just so much left to choose from, where do you even start?  I wanted to create a small cheat sheet for those looking to wander away from the traditional London tourist attractions, but that could also still be done within a reasonable amount of time.  Here are my three favorite boroughs that I’ve discovered so far and I look forward to discovering more!

1. Lambeth 

Hop on the Victoria Line and head south until they kick you off.  Known as one of the trendier nightlife hubs outside of the city-center, Lambeth promises to be a great night out with tons of bars, venues, and restaurants to choose from!  Looking to see a concert in town?  Look no further than The Academy! Be sure to hit the Brixton Market or Market Row for local and posh restaurants a like.  Just opposite the major Brixton city center, there’s also a small food night-market in the open courtyard area on Friday nights during the spring/summer for all to enjoy.  It’s most like the East Village in Manhattan and hipsters can enjoy warm coffees while watching “conformists” stumble past while walking towards Hootananny. See the area guide here for more ideas!


2. Camden 

If you enjoy eating food, but you struggle with the commitment that comes with choosing just one place or restaurant to eat, look no further than Camden. The Camden Lock Market is a tourist and foodie favorite since the streets are lined with everything from artisanal baked goods to authentic Thai Tom Yum soup.  Be sure to drop by Cyber Dog for all your raving/neon/sex toy needs and then hop over to Cupcakes and Shhht! for THE BEST grain-free and vegan deserts in town.   You could also pop over to The Pineapple (a historical landmark/pub) and gain free entrance for gigs if you bring an actual pineapple.  Not guarantees they won’t take it from you once you’re inside though.  See the area guide here for more ideas!

3. SOHO (Westminster)

While Westminster is technically the borough, SOHO is is tucked away in the northeastern part and it’s DEFINITELY worth your attention. After a long flight across time zones, why not drop by SOHO and visit TriYoga for a quick meditation or hot yoga class?  If you’re hungry, wander over to The Breakfast Club for world-class brunch, but prepare to wait in line for it.  You can also try your hand at getting into the super exclusive, SOHO House London, for the best rooftop view SOHO has to offer and opportunity to rub shoulders with London’s elite.  SOHO is also known for being the epicenter of London’s gay scene with tasteful bars, clubs, and shops to wander around during the night and day. See the area guide here for more ideals!

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