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21 Signs You Broke

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1. If it becomes a choice between paying for alcohol or food, the decision isn’t that difficult.

Well it’s cheaper than food.

2. You start dating in the community to cut down on traveling costs.

Just a sec, I’ll power walk right over.

3. Or you just stop dating altogether. #foreveraloneANDbroke.

Oh you’re not within walking distance? I’m not really into long distance relationships.

4. Because you can’t go out anymore, DIY projects begin to occupy the empty space inside your soul that money once filled.

Harold copycat? #nailed

5. Whenever you HAVE to spend money, you think of all the things you could have bought instead of this one thing.

I could have not-avoided my landlord for a few more days instead of paying my loans.

6. You are no longer above using your body to hustle.

Girl’s gotta eat.

7. You’ve done some “questionable” things to pay your bills on time.

Being half-naked in a Santa Suit in public for money still isn’t as bad as being fully naked in public for money.

8. You spend more money on your pet’s food than your own.

Guess it’s water for me tonight.

9. You said you were ready for the “real world,” but you FREQUENTLY daydream about how to convince your parents to donate money to your “food fund.”


My Dad said that websites ending in “.org” are normally charities… Well welcome to the Vanessa Charity Food Fund.

10. You wish you could go back in time and tell your kid self that being an adult isn’t as awesome as you were once told.

Me too, kid. 

11. You play the “More Poor/Less Poor” game frequently. Will this make me more poor or less poor?…

Will I be inebriated during the process?

12. You start searching for “free social activities.”

Dancing. Dancing is free right?

13. Pay day is no longer exciting to you because your bills are immediately due the next day.

Now I understand what “the cycle of poverty” means…

14. You rather take off or put on more clothes than pay for air or heating.

No air con? No pants. No problem.

15. You start reminding people about the money they owe you… and how it could potentially get ugly if it’s not returned.

Remember that $2.50 you owe me? Yeah I’m gonna need that back.

16. You start cutting bills that you deem unnecessary.

How important could water really be? ANYTHING BUT THE WIFI!

17. You try to go “Vegetarian” to cut food costs.

 sign17 sign17part2
How expensive could a carrot be? Pizza’s basically a vegetable right?

18. You start “borrowing” clothing from friends instead of shopping for new clothes.

It’s NEW to your closet!

19. To make yourself feel better, you internet creep on people who are more broke than you.

Poor suckers.

20. You talk about being broke ALL THE TIME. Every second you get. Because the world needs to know.

I never exaggerate… 

21. Most of your friends are broke too.

At least we have each other.

  • Kev

    Well, im broke 😀

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