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10 Things To Do In Berkeley California Today

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Thereโ€™s nothing that I love more than Berkeley California. After a rough guesstimation, I would say that Iโ€™ve been to Berkeley at least 6 times in my lifetime and it just gets more and more exciting the older I get. New restaurants open up, political movements gain momentum, and someone is always nude in public-somewhere. I came to San Francisco for a wedding this past weekend and I was definitely not disappointed by the food, liveliness, and colorful characters that can be found in Berkeley at any point in time. Hereโ€™s a simple list of activities to do while in town if youโ€™re a first-timer in the neighborhood. Enjoy.

1. Go vintage shopping on Telegraph


2. Eat an ice cream sandwich at Cream


3. Appreciate the Amoeba Record Store


4. Participate in a protest or movement


5. Grab a gluten-free, dairy-free pizza at Jupiter


6. Mingle with interesting street vendors/nomads


7. Sun bath on the Berkeley Common


8. Attempt to find something thatโ€™s not at the Berkeley Bowl


9. Try vegan-anything

ice cream

10. Stand in UC Berkeley’s Circle of Freedomย 



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