10 Signs You’re Part Of An International Relationship

Maybe I’m subconsciously after a second passport, but as life would have it, I’ve rarely dated within my own culture, race, or country.  My grandmother is cool with it so why shouldn’t the rest of the world?  For many of us who are involved in interracial or international relationships, there are some pretty unique challenges that we all face and I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone! Here are ten signs that you and your significant partner are also on the International Struggle Bus.

1. You have to communicate in different languages with each other, both sides of parents, and potentially everyone else around you.


2. You have to explain some of your more unique cultural customs


3. You both become cultural ambassadors for your respective home countries to each others’ families


4. People ask you if your parents “know”


5. Strangers will insist that you two should reproduce to have adorable babies… even if you haven’t been dating for a while.


6. Choosing a country to live in is a struggle


7. Visa processing.  Enough said.


8. Agreeing on something to eat can sometimes be a challenge


9. You become protective over one another’s culture, language, or background

10. …You can’t help but fantasize about how cute your babies would be, even if you haven’t been dating long.



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About Vanessa Elizabeth

Vanessa Elizabeth is a cultural chameleon currently based in London. She enjoys sports (such as CrossFit and dating), cooking, and demolishing her savings account. When she's not busy blogging about her feelings, she works full-time and practices Chinese with her English/German friends.

  • Dirk Wiethüchter

    I can´t say something else! 100%!! Greetings from Patrick and Dirk, oneandahalfman

  • Yes, international dating is like that. International marriage is even more fun 🙂